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Project Services

At AEC we have a strong commitment to service excellence within our organisation and focus on being efficient and effective in our approach to providing innovative solutions to our customers that enable them to not only run their business more efficiently, but also grow and transform their organisation.

Our staff, ranging from Certified Project Managers down to both Senior, Junior functional and Technical consultants, take pride in their implementation work covering all aspects the project lifecycle and we offer a comprehensive service ranging from business analysis and system design, to Project Management, configuration, development, support, and training.

Introducing any sort of business or information technology change into an organisation presents risk and it is essential that the process is managed effectively to deliver the fastest benefit with the least disruption.

Whilst individual flair and initiative are highly valued at AEC, these must be complemented by a very structured and well managed project implementation approach.

With our strong project management approach, methodologies and project governance we ensure that the project goals are clearly understood, and bring together the resources required to achieve them on time and budget.